About the Engagement Methods Tool

IAP2’s online destination for practitioner approved engagement methods.

Here, you will find over 60 engagement methods that suit a variety of contexts, engagement objectives, levels of influence, budgets, scale and time available. 

Feel free to explore the whole method database to get inspired. Or apply our search filters to shortlist methods that are fit-for-purpose for your context. 

Within these pages, you’ll find methods that: 

  • are dynamic and short,
  • take time and are transformative
  • reduce conflict,
  • bring diverse people together,
  • inspire action,
  • inform and educate,
  • gather meaningful data
  • enable people to have hard conversations on complex topics.

Within each engagement method, you will find a useful description; outlines of what you will need to prepare for both in-person and virtual delivery; a how-to delivery guide; as well as tips and traps.

The Engagement Methods Tool is available for free to IAP2A members and is available to purchase by non-members Engagement Practitioners.


About IAP2 Australasia

The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) is a global member association which seeks to promote and improve the practice of public participation or community and stakeholder engagement.

As an international leader in public participation, IAP2 has developed tools that are widely used and acknowledged. These are the Core Values for Public Participation for use in the development and implementation of public participation processes; the IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum which assists with the selection of the level of participation that defines the public’s role in any community engagement program; and the Quality Assurance Standard for Community and Stakeholder Engagement which is recognised as the international standard for public participation practice.

IAP2 Australasia is the largest IAP2 affiliate in the world and has over 11,000 members.